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The transmission of an ECG via the phone has been used for some time in both human and veterinary medicine.

The use of the phone, fax and e-mail is a useful way to facilitate the communication of information between those in general practice with the problem and specialists hopefully with the answer.

It must be emphasised that the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease depends on a multifaceted approach by the clinician.The recommended treatment based on the medical history and the ECG interpretation is part of this approach to heart disease.

Andrew Carmichael qualified at Cambridge in 1963 and went to the Animal Medical Center, New York in 1966 where he supervised the cardiopulmonary research and catheterisation laboratory and department of anaesthesia. He returned to London and general practice in 1972 and started Cardiophone in 1983.

He is a founder member of :
The American Academy of Veterinary Cardiology
The Veterinary Cardiovascular Society
The European Society of Veterinary Cardiology