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how it works

A six lead ECG is transmitted via a small battery driven device down your phone line to a receiver in the Cardiophone office. Here the print out of the transmission is interpreted.

The medical history is recorded via a questionaire and when combined with the ECG findings, permits a diagnosis and suggested treatment. This is sent back to you within 24 hours and the same day if urgent.

Alternatively you may use the record from any digital or analogue ECG machine and fax or email it to Cardiophone together with the history questionnaire.

The questionaire can be copied from the web site and used directly from your PC or a hard copy can be printed out.

The Benefits.
1. Obtain a good ECG in your own office quickly without effort expense or expertise.

2. Obtain an ECG interpretation and recommendation for treatment quickly and have the opportunity to discuss the case.

3. Give your client a first rate cardiology service immediately in your own office.

4. Enable your client to obtain a second opinion without leaving your office.

5. Start to treat and diagnose positively and rationally those vague cardio-pulmonary-syncope cases.

6. Check poor risk preoperative cases.

7. Develop your own interest in cardiology.